This is a game about some astronauts stuck in a strange island. They can only reach there rocket using portals. 

All portals has a key to open. Roll the dice and generate the key. 

This game is made for GMTK Game Jam under 48 hours. 


Use AWSD to move the Dice. 

Use Q or E to switch between different dices. 


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Arts & Sounds used 

Scene :

Rocket :

Trees :

Sounds :

Developed by Nehal V


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Roll The Dice Please 34 MB

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Awesome Game <3. The info was unclear at first. Could add a tut info box, but once understood the mechanic. There's no stopping for the fun

thanks for playing the game.

didnt get through every level but got to around level 10. game was mostly trial and error but had lots of stratagy in it towards the end. amazing game art 10/10 sound 10/10 story 10/10, charecters where 10/10 puzzles 10/10 graphic effects 10/10. i would download this on my phone. and also pay for it. 

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oh really thanks. Follow me I will release a post jam version of this Game soon

Out of several similar games (including mine) this is the one that "clicked" and I enjoy it until the broken 16 point puzzle.

The level design actually made me move with intent, while other similar games just left me jumbling random directions. Great job!

Really thanks for playing the game and giving valuable feedback

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fun game! how do i pass the 16 point puzzle? i got the bottom two dice to six each, but the top left dice i can only manage to make it one, two or three.

I will that issue once the game jam is over. 

Holy crap i love the artstyle of this game. Movement is snappy too, good job :)

Really thanks

I love the snappy feel for each dice roll, really satisfying!